Perry Mason
Complete Series
Collectors Edition DVD Box Set

Perry Mason Complete Series Collectors Edition DVD Box Set

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Perry Mason DVD Collection

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  • # Of Seasons: 9
  • #Of Episodes: 271 
  •  Package: 3 Box Set, 22 DvDs each, total: 72 DvD
  •  Category: Drama
  •  Format: Full Screen
  • Compartability: Region 1,2 and 4 ONLY
  • Audio Track: English, Subtitles : English SDH

Perry Mason is an American television sitcom that aired from year 1957 to year 1966. Parry Mason, the title character, was brilliantly played by Raymond Burr. Parry Mason is a character of a fictional attorney who earlier made an appearance in Erle Stanley Gardner’s popular detective fiction. Raymond Burr played the character of Parry Mason just to perfection; this is something that few actors are capable of, even in these times. The series is essentially based on the many novels that Erle Stanley Gardner had written before. The premise of the show revolves around Parry Mason (the defence lawyer) and his brilliant staff. This team is known to solve many complicated crimes with a surprise element at the end. The cross examination scenes are detailed and intelligently executed.  Nowadays, it becomes common in almost every crime show to mark the area with a chalk and a tape where the body is found, but Perry Mason is the first show that has used this approach. Well, the good news for crime show fans is that Perry Mason complete DVD set is now available, and you can watch this crime thriller series in the comforts of your home without being interrupted by anyone.

Almost all the episodes of this excellent crime show are filmed in or around the Los Angeles area.  Raymond Burr portrayal of Perry Mason was even approved by Gardner himself. When you buy Perry Mason DVD and watch this show, you would be astonished to see how the team of Parry mason wins every case. Though all cases are quite different from each other, the manner in which they get solved is almost the same. For instance, most of the cases are solved by the cross examination of witnesses and subsequent confession by the real culprits. Paul Drake (played exceptionally by William Hopper) is the private investigator in the show and always comes at the last moment with key evidence that provides a surprising twist to each episode. Every episode of Perry Mason is known for a nail biting climax. If you are a fan of this amazing crime series or you have not watched the series before, just buy Perry Mason complete DVD set, believe us, you won’t regret the decision.

Other members of Perry Mason’s team include Della Street (played to perfection by Barbara Hale) she is Perry Mason’s faithful and loyal secretary. You must have watched a lot of crime shows where the protagonist always wins, but Perry Mason has entered into a risky territory by actually losing two cases.  Although this was just an experiment, it succeeded in adding a realistic touch to the series.


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